The Wedding Experience

The Wedding Photography Experience by Victor Alaez

I’m committed is to create images that won’t just remind you what your wedding looked like, but will enable you to remember the ephemeral quality of what your big day felt like.

Over the last years I’ve had the honor of photographing beautiful and unique weddings. 

If you are reading this, you are probably in the middle of planning your big day. This process can take months or even years. And at the end of your magical day, the pictures and memories are among the most precious things that will be left over.

I will be there to ensure that every detail and emotional moment is captured the way it deserves and how you’ve always dreamt it, providing you with a joyful, relaxed and personal experience.

I strive to create beautiful, luminous, editorial images that make you fall in love again and again with your blissful experience. I put nothing but my heart and soul into the work I produce.

Couples madly and truly in love that want to do things their way are dear to me, so I aim to capture the unique essence of each one of them.

It would be an honor to save the memories that you will cherish and be proud to pass down to future generations. 

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" A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is reality",

Yoko Ono



1.800 euros

Each one of my collections is designed to give you and your family reassurance in knowing that every important moment of your wedding day will be artfully captured.

On average, couples invest around €3.500 on their custom wedding photography collection with me.

*including all high resolution images and a second shooter. for detailed information, please

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Kind Words

Kelsey & Dan Kind Words

Victor, thank you so much for the wonderful book. It really came out perfectly.

The photos couldn’t be better and they really captured what it was like that evening.

We got the best photographer! Best wishes!

Kelsey & Dan

Mary & Dany Kind Words

Spectacular work! It is much more and better than we had imagined!! I’m running out of compliments, Victor! Great, Bright, Amazing, Beautiful, Professional.

We are totally amazed with the photos. They are spectacular! The way you have captured the landscapes and colours! Wow!! Outrageous!

The photos seem to be alive !!

His dedication, predisposition, and closeness has made the entire process very easy. We are amazed!

Mary & Daniel

Vickie & Joseph Kind Words

Hi Victor,

First of all, you did such an amazing job. Usually Joe and I look so awkward in photos but you managed to capture all our great sides! Also, thank you so much for capturing some of the scenery. I think they will add greatly to our wedding website, which we are also working on right now!

My future sister in law is working on our wedding logo with our names in calligraphy so I think everything will come together so perfectly.

Thanks for everything!

Vickie & Joseph

Belen & Luis Kind Words

I always knew that if one day I got married, Victor would be my wedding photographer. Because of his sensitivity, elegance, good taste and kindness.

He has not let us down. Such a beautiful photo collection we had. He captured with mastery all the important moments and many that got unnoticed  to us. The small details make the difference and we got them all thanks to him.

Thank you, Victor, for everything!

Belen + Luis

Katie's Mum Kind Words

Hi Victor,

Katie brought over to England our WONDERFUL wedding book and I simply had to write to say “Thank You!” for making such a lovely souvenir for us.

When I saw the preview I was happy. When I poured over the finished article I had tears in my eyes, again. It is beautiful.

Such happy memories, beautifully captured. Thank you.

King regards,


Katie's Mum

Eva & Jorge Kind Words

We had our engagement, wedding, and after-wedding session with Victor, and because there were no more services to book at the moment! We would definitely have booked more and more.

We are delighted with the result. He have these beautiful photos and memories for a lifetime. We will definitely hire his services for more special occasions.

Eva + Jorge

Mamen & Angel Kind Words

Víctor, you’re such a phenomenon! Thank you for being part of the most exciting day we have had in our lives and to photograph it. Also thanks for making things so easy for us.

Thank you so much for everything! One of the best decisions was having you, Victor.

Mamen & Angel

Amanda & Miguel Angel Kind Words

What can I say about Victor? He was attentive at every single meeting. He is always looking for every detail, which was very important to us. He is there at the right time and makes you feel safe and calm because everything will be fine.

His photos are beautiful, they make you revive every moment again and again, making it unforgettable.

Thanks for everything!

Amanda + Miguel Angel

Marta & Carlos Kind Words

Professional, attentive and sensitive with his photographs.

Victor knows how to capture those moments that transport you to that feeling just by seeing it. They remind you of the sensation you felt.

Just great!

Marta & Carlos