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As a wedding photographer, I am constantly immersed in the beauty and emotion of capturing couples’ most intimate moments. When it comes to enhancing the essence of a wedding day, the “pros of a wedding first look” stand out as a pivotal element that not only enriches the photography experience but also elevates the entire celebration.

From creating deeper connections to reducing stress and increasing efficiency, the first look photo session holds a special place in my lens as it unfolds emotional moments, unique memories, and a relaxed atmosphere that truly encapsulates the essence of love and commitment in a couple’s big day.

In this article, I’ll focus just in all the benefits of this wedding trend. To explore all the potential cons, click here.

The Pros oh a Wedding First LookTop Benefits of a Wedding First Look

The Pros of a Wedding First Look

Deeper Connection: Private Vow Exchange and Gift Exchange

One of the key advantages of opting for a first look photo session is the opportunity it provides for a deeper connection between the couple. This intimate moment allows couples to share private vow exchanges or heartfelt messages before the formal ceremony begins, creating an emotional moment that sets the tone for the rest of the day.

This personal interaction not only strengthens the bond between the couple but also allows them to express their love and commitment in a more private setting, away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding day. Moreover, the gift exchange during this first look adds another layer of emotional depth to the experience.

By exchanging gifts before the ceremony, couples can make this moment more personal and meaningful. It allows them to convey their love and appreciation through thoughtful gestures, enhancing the emotional connection between them. This special moment shared between the bride and groom, captured by the wedding photographer and videographer, becomes a cherished memory that adds a unique touch to the big day.

Incorporating a private vow exchange and gift exchange into the first look not only creates an intimate moment but also sets the stage for a more emotionally rich wedding day experience. It allows couples to start their journey walking down the aisle with a special moment that is both personal and profound, making their wedding ceremony even more meaningful.

Pros of a Wedding First Look in your Day

Stress Reduction: Calming Nerves and Reduced Family Pressure

Another significant advantage of embracing a first look photo session at a wedding is the role it plays in reducing stress and anxiety for the couple. This emotional moment before the ceremony allows brides and grooms to calm their nerves by sharing a quiet and intimate moment together. It provides a peaceful interlude amidst the excitement and anticipation of the day, helping them to relax and focus on each other before the formalities begin.

Furthermore, opting for a first look helps to alleviate the pressure often associated with family dynamics on the wedding day. By avoiding the potential stress of ensuring that parents or the wedding party see each other first, couples can sidestep any unnecessary tension or anxiety. This aspect of reduced family pressure allows the couple to concentrate on their own emotions and connection, fostering a more serene and harmonious atmosphere throughout the day.

Incorporating a first look not only eases pre-ceremony jitters but also creates a more tranquil environment for the couple to share an intimate moment before the whirlwind of the wedding day unfolds. By prioritizing this special time together, brides and grooms can navigate the day with greater ease and emotional resilience, ensuring that their wedding day is not only beautiful but also emotionally fulfilling for both themselves and their loved ones.

Pros of a Wedding First Look

Increased Efficiency: Multiple Locations, Weather Backup, and Flexible Schedule

One of the practical advantages of including a first look photo session at a wedding is the increased efficiency it offers in terms of photography logistics. By opting for a first look, couples can take advantage of visiting multiple locations for their photoshoot before the ceremony. This allows them to capture diverse photo backdrops, adding variety and depth to their wedding album while maximizing the use of different settings to create stunning visual memories.

Moreover, having a first look provides a practical solution for unpredictable weather conditions. By conducting the photo session earlier in the day, couples can ensure that they have backup options in case of inclement weather. This proactive approach guarantees that they can still achieve beautiful outdoor photos regardless of any unexpected changes in the weather, ensuring that their memories are not compromised by external factors.

Additionally, incorporating a first look into the wedding timeline allows for a more flexible schedule post-ceremony. By shortening the time needed for formal portraits after the ceremony, couples can enjoy more relaxation time or allocate additional moments for capturing portraits in different settings. This flexibility not only enhances the overall flow of the day but also provides opportunities for more creative and spontaneous photography moments.

By embracing a first look photo session, couples can streamline their photography process, adapt to changing circumstances like weather conditions, and optimize their schedule to make the most of their wedding day. This efficient approach ensures that they can capture a wide range of beautiful and unique moments while maintaining a sense of ease and flexibility throughout the celebration.

Enhanced Memories: More Portraits and Unique Photos

One of the significant benefits of incorporating a first look photo session into a wedding is the enhancement it brings to the couple’s memories through an abundance of portraits and unique photos. By opting for a first look, couples can capture approximately 40% more intimate couple portraits compared to traditional timelines. This increase in the number of portraits allows for a more comprehensive documentation of their special day, ensuring that every meaningful moment is preserved in detail.

Furthermore, the first look photo session offers the opportunity to create unique and memorable photos that go beyond the typical wedding shots. By capturing genuine emotions and reactions during this intimate moment, couples can build a pre-ceremony photo album that is distinctive and personal. These photos not only showcase the love and connection between the bride and groom but also reflect the authenticity and emotion of the day in a way that traditional wedding photos may not capture.

By embracing a first look, couples can enrich their wedding memories with a wealth of portraits and unique photos that tell the story of their love and commitment in a more comprehensive and personalized manner. This focus on creating a diverse and emotionally resonant visual narrative ensures that their wedding album is not just a collection of images but a reflection of the depth and beauty of their relationship on this special day.

First Look Bride and Groom

Relaxed Atmosphere: Stress-Free Family Photos and Timely Celebration

A key advantage of incorporating a first look photo session into a wedding is the creation of a relaxed atmosphere that enhances the overall experience for the couple and their guests. By opting for a first look, couples can reduce the stress associated with rushed family and bridal party photos during the cocktail hour. This allows for a more leisurely and enjoyable photography session, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and at ease while capturing these important group shots.

Moreover, having a first look enables a timely celebration by allowing guests to enjoy the cocktail hour experience without delays for extended photo sessions. By completing a significant portion of the photography before the ceremony, couples can ensure that their guests are not kept waiting and can fully immerse themselves in the festivities without interruptions. This seamless transition from ceremony to celebration contributes to a more cohesive and enjoyable wedding day for everyone involved.

Incorporating a first look not only reduces stress and time constraints during family photos but also sets the stage for a more relaxed and harmonious celebration. By prioritizing efficiency and guest experience, couples can create a wedding day that flows smoothly, allowing them to focus on each other and their loved ones while capturing beautiful memories in a stress-free environment.


What is a first look in a wedding context?

A first look is a private moment between the couple before the ceremony where they see each other for the first time, usually captured by a photographer.

Why do some couples opt for a first look?

Couples choose a first look to have intimate moments together, calm nerves, get better photos, and reduce anxiety before the ceremony.

Does a first look detract from the reaction at the ceremony?

Many couples who did a first look reported that it did not diminish the emotional impact of seeing their partner at the altar during the ceremony.

How does a first look affect the flow of the wedding day?

A first look can help in managing time efficiently by allowing for more photos to be taken before the ceremony, reducing wait times for guests between the ceremony and reception.

 What are some alternative options to a traditional first look?

Couples can consider alternatives like private vow readings, first touches, or spending time together without seeing each other before the ceremony.

How does a first look impact photography schedules?

Doing a first look can streamline photography schedules by allowing for family and wedding party photos to be taken beforehand, giving couples more time to relax during cocktail hour.

Is there pressure to conform to traditional wedding practices regarding first looks?

It’s essential for couples to make decisions based on what feels right for them as individuals and as a couple, rather than succumbing to external pressures or expectations.

I would love to discuss incorporating a first look into your wedding day celebrations, so don’t hesitate to send me a message so we can begin designing your perfect day together.

The first look photo session offers the opportunity to create unique and memorable photos that go beyond the typical wedding shots.
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