Romántica Escapada a Ronda

Marta & Carlos
Ronda, Malaga

Ronda Engagement Session | Malaga Wedding Photographer

Marta and Carlos imagined their engagement session in Ronda, an ancient place with a lot of meaning.

An engagement session is the best way to have a nest of beautiful pictures filled with moments of the evolved relationship. The entire process of planning a wedding can be overwhelming. It is very worthwhile to stop time for a couple of hours, escape to a special place with your partner, and your photographer, to immortalize colorful photos.

In addition, an engagement session will be the best rehearsal getting in front of the camera for the Big Day. Everything about making an engagement session is a well-planned advantage!

For Marta, Ronda has a unique meaning because it brings great memories of her childhood. She used to go on vacation to Malaga with her family, and this city was always their first stop. In Carlos’s case, it was his very first visit. Marta was especially excited to show him the beloved corners.

Two different natural parks surround the much-visited city of Ronda. Its small streets, people full of charm, balconies overflowing with the all nuances painted flowers, and the stunning landscape, creates an incredible frame. Marta and Carlos chose to walk through this paradise. I was lucky to accompany them capturing them in beautiful photos. I hope you like them!

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