Reales Alcazares Engagement Session

Pilar & Maxime & Lennon
Seville, Spain

Reales Alcazares Engagement Session in Seville

Reales Alcazares of Seville is a beautiful jewel within the city. Pilar and Maxime wanted this location for their engagement session.

Organizing the wedding while being in another country, for instance from France, means that you come and go, you have meetings here and there.

You get to know the DJ, look for a dress, and arrange things with the catering service. You choose the color of the tablecloths in five minutes, and after that decide with whom to leave your pet, etc. etc. Everything becomes an adventure.

Pilar and Maxime know a lot about that. Taking advantage of the Easter break, they stopped by in Seville to advance the thousand and one issues indispensable for a wedding outside of your city and country.

How could it be otherwise, Lennon, his handsome Labrador dog, came with them. It could not miss these family portraits! We spent a wonderful morning walking through the gardens of Reales Alcazares of Seville and Maria Luisa Park, which, as I always say, look amazing in the spring (actually, always!).

There is very little time until the Big Day. Can’t wait for that!

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