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My Creative Corner | Frankfurt Wedding Photgrapher

Interior Photographer in Giessen

Recently, I’ve moved to Germany. For the next few years, I will be living between Spain and Frankfurt.

In Spain I have the bulk of my work, where I will continue my passion of capturing my beloved weddings.

In this new apartment, near Frankfurt, I wanted to design a personal space with everything I need to CREATE. It is what I call “My Creative Corner”. Editing images, writing blog posts, e-mailing, attending online workshops and all the “office” stuff is what I spend my hours on in here.

I was looking for a neutral background with touches of bright colors. So, the accent wall was paint in a shade of grey, dark enough to feature a hand-free writing in white. “Good Vibes Only” is the leitmotiv of the space. Motivational quotes, big frames, travel-pictures and a lot of wall-art spread around and keep me inspired. Society6 and Desenio are my favourite online shops for wall art.

The color palette is grey and yellow mustard, which makes the greenery to stand out splendidly. Geometric patterns on the carpet and cushions add dynamism to the space, while wooden details and cozy blankets provide the warm touch to this apartment in Frankfurt.

My days as “interior designer” are done for now. I’ve learned a lot and I must admit that I really enjoyed the process!

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