Honoring Family Memories on Your Wedding Day

Memories and Honoring Family on Your Wedding Day | Wedding Photographer in Seville

The legacy of our memories. For me, that is the true value of Wedding Photography.

We can put all the efforts into designing and showcasing the most beautiful of the events, but all the important meaning is in those memories and moments that we are going to leave to our future generations.

I love it when couples include these family jewels on their wedding day. Kelsey & Dan displayed a whole collection of photos at their wedding ceremony site in Hacienda San Rafael. Ana carried a photo of her grandmother in her bridal bouquet. Isa & Juan were encouraged to place photos with all their friends and loved ones at the entrance to their cocktail area.

Another fun option is instant cameras, the best way to capture those moments instantly. Aren’t they fantastic ideas?


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PHOTO 1,2,3&9.- Venue: Anantara Villa Padierna Palace | Planning: Tucco Weddings | Florals: Pedro Navarro
PHOTO 4.-  Venue: Bell Reco | Planning: Tucco Weddings | Florals: Pedro Navarro
PHOTO 5,6&10.- Venue: Hacienda San Rafael
PHOTO 8.- Venue: Hacienda El Loreto