Dreamy Photoshoot in El Algarve

Carmen Rosa & Emilio
El Algarve, Portugal

Dreamy El Algarve Photoshoot | Portugal Wedding Photographer

When Carmen and Emilio told me that they wanted to do their after-wedding session in Portugal, I was amazed. Their El Algarve photoshoot was everything I had ever dreamt about a honeymoon session.

I have been fortunate to be able to visit some of these incredible corners, but never with my camera. The idea really excited me.

For their after-wedding session in El Algarve (Portugal), the newly married couple was very clear about the specific sites that should not be missed. I didn’t know they were so passionate about these surroundings. They told me that almost every year they come here once. Each one of the locations  has a special meaning to them.

Apart from walking from one beach to another, we improvised a cute little picnic for the couple. The views of the embracing waters of the Atlantic Ocean totally amazed us.

From Praia do Baliche, to the Cabo de San Vicente, the whole area of ​​Sagres left me once again delighted. The incredible white sand beaches, small coastal towns with a lot of charm, movie-like sunsets, heart-stopping cliffs and landscapes to an infinite ocean blue … The experience exceeded all my expectations!

I am grateful to Carmen and Emilio for making me part of their adventure in this El Algarve photoshoot, in the south of Portugal.

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