Beatriz & Alejandro

Los Frailes de San Alberto

Seville, Spain

On a Friday sunset in August, Beatriz and Alejandro said to each other “yes, I do!” during their Los Frailes de San Alberto wedding. They committed to eternize their bonds before all those they love the most. They have seen them growing as a couple, as well as persons.

It might seem that Beatriz and Alejandro do not have many things in common or that they are the opposite characters. As she told me during their engagement session, at the beginning of their story many did not imagine them erecting a shared life together.

At this point in their movie, no one has any doubt that they are meant to be as a whole. Everybody knows that they complement one another and that they love each other like crazy. Their Hacienda Los Frailes de San Alberto wedding was just another proof of that.

Something that they both share with passion is their love for travelling, for discovering the world together. That shined over their wedding décor, reminding about each corner of the planet that they have been in. Vintage style suitcases lying everywhere, maps, passport-like cookies, airplanes, boarding passes and cameras. photo-booth inside of an imaginary airplane cabin was assembled to recall them about their long hours dreams dedicated to their favorite destinations.

After the beautiful ceremony in Hacienda Los Frailes de San Alberto and the relaxed dinner, surprise after surprise followed. The wedding party started with a spectacular light and sound setup brought in by Jaleo with Sabor. Beatriz’s and Alejandro’s friends heated up the dance floor and celebrated the new beginning of the couple they feel so attached too.

Congratulations guys!

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Los Frailes de San Alberto

Wedding in Los Frailes de San Alberto
Something that they both share with passion is their love for travelling, for visiting the world together. That was the theme of their wedding

Bride Dress: Pronovias
Bride Shoes and Hairpiece: Secretos de Novia
Veil: Franc Sarabia
Bride Jewelry: Swarovski
Groom Suit: Silbon
Groom Shoes: Emidio Tucci
Venue: Hacienda Los Frailes de San Alberto
Catering: Quintero y Moreno Catering
Sound, Music and Animation: Jaleo con Sabor
Photography and Videography: Víctor, Asun, Manu and Denis for