Wedding in Hacienda Los Angeles

Jesus & Javier
Seville, Spain

Wedding in Hacienda Los Angeles

Hacienda Los Angeles was the chosen venue for this big affair so incredibly designed by the groom and groom.

I remember the day Jesus told me, “Hey, are you available for March 4 next year?” As such, I look at the agenda and say “Yep, free!” thinking that it would be one of the events that, as a wedding planner, he was coordinating. At the time he clarified that it was for HIS OWN WEDDING, I said “What, wait! Are you getting married?” Knowing him for so many years, I was very happy and I thought “This is going to be big!”.

For a thousand more weddings like that! When the world of fashion (Javier Garcia) and the world of wedding planning (Jesus Fernandez) join forces and style in such an unique event … puff, there’s no words! Many ideas and many preparations in the head of the couple from the very beginning. The color palette, the invitations, the details, tablecloths, decoration… Absolutely everything has been personally controlled by them.

The great day arrived in Hacienda Los Angeles, and I was not wrong! When I entered the ceremony hall, I saw the touches of each one of them in every corner. Flowers everywhere, a flower-wall covered was covering the altarpiece placed for the occasion, herons and golden flamingos presided over the lectern of the readings, and a glass box guarded the rings on a mantle of green moss.

As a curiosity, and to the surprise of the couple, a small olive tree and a small orange tree were exchanged during the ceremony, as symbols of Estepa and Seville respectively, cities of Javier and Jesus.

The dress code was strictly followed. Chaqué for the gentleman and cocktail dress with pamela or headdress for the ladies. A whole red carpet of looks in what I call a stylish wedding. You could not expect anything else from so many designers and fashionistas. The hostesses took care to accommodate everyone.

About the reception room, I cannot add anything else that you do not see in the photos. Upon coming and seeing it from a distance, the first thing I thought was “Oh, wow, this is a forest!” Such a sight and an indescribable smell. Very very beautiful, really.

The celebration happened between surprises, such as the arrival of the singer Hugo Salazar, who after an introduction by the hand of the TV host Ricardo Castillejo, sang live with his guitar the song “Sevilla“. The hundreds of guests immortalized the moment with their cell phones and when the verse that says “…and play being a dove crossing Triana” came along, the “oles” and “vivas” happened throughout the room.

A choir gospel, a flamenco group, an eighties one, a montage of lights and impressive sound. Many variety of entertainment for a party that lasted all along into the night.

An incredible wedding in Hacienda Los Angeles. Even the press echoed it! And everything is nothing compared to the love of them, Jesus and Javier.

Congratulations, dear couple!

Indoor Wedding in Hacienda los Angeles Rings exchange moment in Hacienda Los Angeles wedding        

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Wedding in Hacienda Los Angeles

Groom and Groom in Hacienda Los Angeles Wedding
When the world of fashion and the world of wedding planning join forces and style in such an unique event … puff, there’s no words!
Jesus & Javier
Seville, Spain

Jesus Suit: Dappers
Javier Suit: Roma Hombre
Venue: Hacienda Los Angeles
Make Up Artist: Miguel Mapfredy
Hair: Eduardo Barrera
Planning: Jesus Fernandez
Catering: La Encina
Sound & Lighting: Hispamusic
Hostesses Look: Anclados Design
Singer: Hugo Salazar
Gospel Choir: South Gospel
Flamenco Group: Calle Botica
80`s Group: Los Walkman
Photo and Videography: Víctor, Antonio, Silvia, Miguel y Manuel for

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