Noemi & Fernando

Boda en Hacienda La Cabaña

Seville, Spain

This Hacienda La Cabaña wedding was the perfect scenario for this celebration of love between two soulmates.

I was able to get to know Noemí and Fernando a little better and to find out something special about their story during one of their trips to Seville, when we coped with the engagement session.

This was one of those weddings that reflect that it has been cooking in bride’s head for a long time. I would say that it happened even before they got engaged. All the details had a meaning to be and for Noemi, it was very clear what she wanted and what she did not. She knew that her bridal dress should be designed by fashion Spanish brand Pol Nuñez.

She asked for invitations (“please, they have to be on craft paper…”), with a Paris touch, the city where the couple lives. Her defined vision finished with the decoration for the garden where the intimate dinner at candlelight would take place in Hacienda La Cabaña. Not forget to mention the original arrangement of the seating set-up.

The relatives of Fernando arrived from Argentina to spend emotionally the big day. I have learned that previous to the Hacienda la Cabaña wedding day everyone enjoyed a specially booked tour bus for them only. It took them to the most famous places in Seville. What a detail!

Many laughter and emotions, moving speeches, music, fun, flamenco, tango, flags dancing… Everything became an unforgettable day for Noemi and Fernando in Seville, and for all of us who had the luck to accompany them and be part of it.

Congratulations on your Hacienda la Cabaña wedding, dear couple!

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Boda en Hacienda La Cabaña

Boda en Hacienda la Cabaña
This was one of those weddings that reflects it has been cooking in the bride's head for a long time.

Wedding Dress: Pol Núñez
Bride Shoes: LODI
Tiara: Caruso
Hair and Make Up: Estilista Marta Vera
Groom Suit: Lista
Tie: Scalpers
Shirt Cufflinks: Pedro del Hierro
Invitations: Víctor Aláez Studio + Naogu
Venue: Hacienda La Cabaña
Catering: Delfin Delicatessen
Bouquet: El Rincón de Margarita
Tables Decor: Marta Talegón
Church Florals: Ainhoa&Co
Flamenco Group: Grupo Alboroto
DJ: DJ Chico
Decor: Ainhoa&Co + Naogu
Photo and Videography: Víctor, Carmen and Manuel for