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Frankfurt Photo Walk by Victor Alaez

In this post about photography in Frankfurt, I bring you some of my favourite photos of the place. It is a city where you feel welcome as soon as you arrive, despite being the fifth largest in Germany.

Frankfurt is a cosmopolitan city, open, cultural and full of life. It is difficult to decide between going to the theater, the museum, the opera or partying in one of its popular neighborhoods.

Parks and natural areas comprise an important extension of the city. These are integrated with the urban area and it is common to see small inhabitants like squirrels running along the sidewalks.

In this post, besides photography in Frankfurt, I bring you some of my favourite images I took in Wetzlar. This is one of the most charming villages in the Hessen area. I hope you like them!

Frankfurt_Photography_0002Frankfurt_Photography_0004 Frankfurt_Photography_0001 Frankfurt_Photography_0005 Frankfurt_Photography_0003


Frankfurt_Photography_0006 Frankfurt_Photography_0006 Frankfurt_Photography_0006Frankfurt_Photography_0020 Frankfurt_Photography_0006