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With the help of this engagement session outfit inspiration article you will nail the look of your next photoshoot. Casual clothing or dressing up? Pants or dress? Jacket and tie for the guy? Patterns? Jeans and T-shirt? Accessories? Props? Choosing the perfect outfit for an engagement session can be overwhelming, I know. That’s one of my more frequently asked questions by my couples. In this post, I’m showing you a compilation of ideas, outfit inspiration, taken from the latest engagement sessions I’ve shot.

Basic Indications for your Engagement Session Outfit

An engagement session on the beach may seem different from one in the park, in the country, or in the big city. However, when it comes to wardrobe, I think there should always be a common denominator: being true to who you are and feeling comfortable in your outfit.

However, here are some tips on clothing based on what I have seen that works best in my last years photographing weddings and couples.

  • Don’t be MATCHY-MATCHY… try to pick outfits and accessories that complement instead. If everyone wore the same exact color or design at their engagement shoot, how boring would those images be? 
  • Don’t be afraid to be BOLD! Accessorize and make your outfits your own. Scarves, bold necklaces and original shoes are always welcomed if that’s fit you!
  • Most PATTERNS are actually ok… however, graphics are not ideal for portraits. If you’re wearing a pattern, make sure it’s not overwhelming and distracting.

How many outfits should we bring to an engagement session?

For more variety of photos, I recommend bringing two outfits for each of you to your engagement session. More than three looks will be too much as you’ll spend most of the time changing clothes and we don’t want to miss the beautiful natural light.

Outfit Ideas Engagement Session in Barcelona

Don’t miss this beautiful photoshoot in Barcelona with Blair and Jack.

Engagement Session Outfit Inspiration

Bet on Contrast

Consider adding contrast to your outfit and surroundings! This technique can create a beautiful and eye-catching effect that really makes your photos stand out.

One way to achieve contrast is by dressing up in a natural environment, like a park or garden. Wearing formal attire against a backdrop of lush greenery or wildflowers can create a stunning contrast that is both elegant and unexpected. And don’t forget to consider adding some professional hair and makeup to complete the look! Vickie and Joseph photoshoot in El Alcázar in Seville is the perfect example for that.

Another way to add contrast is by choosing outfits that complement your surroundings in a unique way. For example, wearing a brightly colored outfit against a muted background can create a striking contrast that really catches the eye.


Pastel Colors

If you’re not sure where to start with your engagement session outfit, a color palette of pastel and neutral tones is always a safe bet that never fails. These colors are timeless and can help create a soft and romantic look in your photos. Plus, they’re versatile and can work well with a variety of settings and backdrops.

For pastel tones, consider shades like blush, lavender, mint green, or baby blue. These colors can add a touch of sweetness and playfulness to your photos. On the other hand, neutral tones like beige, ivory, or grey can help create a classic and elegant look that will never go out of style.

But don’t feel limited to just these colors! If you have a favorite color that you and your partner love, feel free to incorporate it into your outfit choices.

Check Juliette and Greg’s photoshoot to get inspired by the ultimate pastel and neutral style inspiration.

Engagement Session Outfit Inspiration

Bring A Bouquet

Don’t hesitate about bringing a wonderful bouquet to your engagement session. It will add dimension and nice colors to your photos. Also, who doesn’t love flowers? This could be a version of your planned wedding bouquet or something completely different.


Florals Prints

Floral prints are a fantastic option for outdoor sessions during these seasons, when nature is in full bloom and the light is oh so dreamy!

When it comes to incorporating floral prints into your engagement session outfit, you can mix and match different textures for a fresh and stylish look. For example, pairing a floral blouse with a ruffled skirt can create a romantic and feminine look. You can also add a denim jacket to your outfit, which not only looks great but also provides a practical layer when the sun starts to set and the temperature drops.

An engagement session in the beach is the perfect scenario to put that in practice.


Winter and Fall E-Sessions

It’s important to keep in mind that the colder temperatures may require a bit more thought when it comes to your outfit choices. One key tip is to add more layers and texture to your outfit.

Layering not only keeps you warm, but it also adds depth and dimension to your look. Think about layering a cozy sweater over a blouse or wearing a vest over a long-sleeved shirt. You can also add texture to your outfit with items like scarves, hats, or boots with faux fur accents. These details can create a cozy and chic look that will keep you comfortable during your engagement session.

Another benefit of layering and adding texture is that it can provide more visual interest in your photos. By adding different textures and materials to your outfit, you can create a more dynamic and visually appealing look.


At-home Sessions

One great idea is to have your photoshoot at home. This will give you a chance to create a casual and comfortable vibe while still maintaining a stylish look.

For a home engagement session outfit, you can opt for outfits that are both comfortable and fashionable. You can try wearing coordinating outfits with your partner, using a similar color scheme or pattern. This will help add a cohesive and polished look to your photos.

You can also accessorize your outfits to add a personal touch. Whether it’s a statement piece of jewelry or a unique pair of shoes, accessories can help elevate your outfit and add more personality to your photos. A photoshoot at home is also a good opportunity for those with furry friends and want to include their pets in their family memories.


In conclusion, whatever approach you choose, remember that the most important thing is to have fun and be true to yourself. Your engagement photos should capture the unique love story that you share as a couple, so make sure to choose an outfit and location that truly reflects who you are. With a little creativity and imagination, you can create engagement photos that are both timeless and unforgettable.

I hope this engagement session outfit inspiration article will help you. For more Tips and Inspiration posts, visit my blog.


For more visual engagement outfit inspiration, check a nice Pinterest board.

Engagement Session Ideas Inspiration
An engagement session on the beach may seem different from one in the park, in the country, or in the big city. However, when it comes to wardrobe, I think there should always be a common denominator: being true to who you are and feeling comfortable in your outfit.
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