Virginia & Daniel

Marrakech Engagement Session

Marrakech, Morocco

Of all the weddings of this year, there is one with a special mark on the calendar. In October my brother Dani, the youngest in the house, is getting married. I still remember the excitement and the joy we felt when Virginia, his girlfriend, and he told us the good news!

The next months will be all about preparations, new ideas and many many positive nerves! To begin with, and to make (the first) engagement session, we went to spend a very funny weekend in Marrakech. The recently engaged couple were very excited about the destination.

In the most emblematic places of the Moroccan city, and surrounded by their friends, the couple broke the ice posing in front of my camera, from the Majorelle Garden to the Palais Badi, passing through the Jewish quarter and the impressive souks in Marrakech.

Majorelle Garden is a botanical garden where the ashes of Yves Saint Laurent are kept. Since in 1980, the designer owned the garden, turning it into his private residence. He restored it, and doubled the number of the species of plants thriving there, and opened inside it Museum of Islamic Art for tourists to cherish it.

The characteristic blue color throughout the site is registered as Majorelle Blue, in honor of the botanical garden.

Dani-+-Virgi-Preboda-Marruecos-01 Dani-+-Virgi-Preboda-Marruecos-02 Dani-+-Virgi-Preboda-Marruecos-03
Dani-+-Virgi-Preboda-Marruecos-08Dani-+-Virgi-Preboda-Marruecos-05 Dani-+-Virgi-Preboda-Marruecos-06