Engagement Session with a Dog

Leticia & Michel
Seville, Spain

Engagement Session with a Dog

Pets are back on the blog! It is clear that when they are a member of the family, they cannot miss the important events. Thus, Drago accompanied Leticia and Michel in their engagement session in the center of Seville.

Although they have known each other since they were little kids, they have been together for almost eleven years (which is significant!). They have experienced together so many things. They enjoyed to live together, in Seville and other cities. They also know what it is to fight the distance. They know the exact day it all started. And above all they understood that they are meant to each other.

After the engagement session in Seville, in a couple of days they will pronounce – “yes, I do!” in Caceres.

Commenting on proposal to marry, Michel said “It was her! She always wanted it that way and that’s what she did. Silly of me, in the middle of a trip to Rome, we were in La Fontana di Trevi, and when she tossed the coin to make a wish. Then she was ready to tell me what her wish was about. I agreed and she confessed that she wanted from me “yes”. She gifted me an Apple Watch at that moment, so I had no choice but to say yes ha-ha-ha. “

I’m looking forward to capture the moments of this wedding. Here are some pictures from the engagement session. Congratulations, couple!

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