What To Wear For Your Engagement Session

Engagament Session Outfit Inspiration | Wedding Photographer in Seville


Casual clothing or dressing up? Pants or dress? Jacket and tie for the guy? Patterns? Jeans and T-shirt? Accessories? Props? Choosing the perfect outfit for an engagement session can be overwhelming, I know. That’s one of my more frequently asked questions by my couples. In this post, I’m showing you a compilation of ideas, outfit inspiration, taken from the latest engagement sessions I’ve shot.

An engagement session on the beach may seem different from one in the park, in the country, or in the big city. However, when it comes to wardrobe, I think there should always be a common denominator: being true to who you are and feeling comfortable in your outfit.

However, here are some tips on clothing based on what I have seen that works best in my last years photographing weddings and couples.

Don’t be MATCHY-MATCHY… try to pick outfits and accessories that complement instead. If everyone wore the same exact color or design at their engagement shoot, how boring would those images be? 

 Don’t be afraid to be BOLD! Accessorize and make your outfits your own. Scarves, bold necklaces and original shoes are always welcomed if that’s fit you!

– For more outfit inspiration or something more specific, check a nice Pinterest board.

 Most PATTERNS are actually ok… however, graphics are not ideal for portraits. If you’re wearing a pattern, make sure it’s not overwhelming and distracting.

More tips above the photos…


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How many outfits?

For more variety of photos, I recommend bringing two outfits for each of you to your engagement session. More than three looks will be too much as you’ll spend most of the time changing clothes and we don’t want to miss the beautiful natural light.


Bet on Contrast

I particularly love when the surroundings and the looks contrast in a certain way. For example, a couple totally dressed up in a natural environment, whether it’s wild, a park or garden, gives very good results. Professional hair and make/up might be considered too!


Pastel Colors

A color palette of pastel and neutral tones is always a safe bet that never fails.


Bring A Bouquet

Don’t hesitate about bringing a wonderful bouquet to your engagement session. It will add dimension and nice colors to your photos. Also, who doesn’t love flowers? This could be a version of your planned wedding bouquet or something completely different.

engagement_session_outfit_inspiration_0032 engagement_session_outfit_inspiration_0031

Florals Prints

Floral prints are an excellent idea for outdoor sessions in spring or summer, when flowers are blooming and the light is just so dreamy! Combining then with other textures such as ruffles is a nice fresh option. Also, a denim jacket would be a great addition when the sun starts to set and it’s not so hot anymore.


Winter and Fall E-Sessions

For winter it is always a good idea to add more layers and texture to your outfit.


At-home Sessions

Having your engagement session at home will give you an extra casual vibe for a stylish lifestyle look.


I repeat: being true to who you are and feeling comfortable in your outfit is the key for a successful engagement session!



All photos by Víctor Aláez