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My Post-Production Process. How I Edit My Photos


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I’m frequently asked by couples or potential clients about the editing process that I apply on my photos. How much do I edit the images? Are the photos coming so light and colourful straight out of my camera? Or, do I use Photoshop to enhance people’s appearance? (such a controversial topic!) These are some of the common questions I get asked many times.

Thanks to my years of experience photographing beautiful weddings, I’ve developed a post- production workflow that allows me to deliver a full wedding gallery in just few weeks, even during busy seasons!

It’s important to know that an image is made in the moment that is taken. A bad photo will never become a good one just because of “the magic of the editing process”. On the other hand, every single photo needs to be edited. There’s no way I can deliver straight out of camera photographs! Professional cameras produce flat images with dull colours in order to keep all the possible information in them (“RAW” format).

In my first weddings I was crazy retouching every single imperfection and trying every preset style on the market. This were wrong things! But now, after years of experience, I know what I need in a photo, I know what I can achieve in post-production before even taking it and I have developed my own standards for my editing process.

Shooting consistently is vital for my light and airy style and my workflow. This way I can batch edit a lot of images with my preset and only a few clicks, being able to deliver photo galleries so much faster.

Here are some “before and after” examples and cases. Move the slider in the horizontal images to see the editing process.

Editing_Process_Victor_Alaez_0023 Editing_Process_Victor_Alaez_0023

Planning: Sevilla de Fiesta

Unedited Raw Bride and Groom First Dance Photo by Victor Alaez Happy Bride and Groom First Dance Smile

Lugar: Hacienda de Montelirio (Sevilla)

Editing_Process_Victor_Alaez_0017 Editing_Process_Victor_Alaez_0018

Lugar: Hacienda Los Miradores | Vestido Novia: Pronovias

Editing_Process_Victor_Alaez_0037 Editing_Process_Victor_Alaez_0037

Vestido Novia: Pronovias


Planning: Bodas Cumpli2 | Flores & Rentals: Pedro Navarro | Lugar: Hotel Las Arenas (Valencia)

Editing_Process_Victor_Alaez_0066 Editing_Process_Victor_Alaez_0067

Lugar: Cortijo el Chamorro (Sevilla) | Vestido Novia: St Patrick | Maquillaje y Peluquería: Eva Romero

Editing_Process_Victor_Alaez_0064 Editing_Process_Victor_Alaez_0064

Planning: Tucco Weddings | Flores & Rentals: Pedro Navarro | Lugar: Hotel Fuente de la Higuera (Ronda, Málaga)


Planning: Tucco Weddings | Flores & Rentals: Pedro Navarro | Lugar: Anantara Marbella (Málaga)

Editing_Process_Victor_Alaez_0048 Editing_Process_Victor_Alaez_0048

Planning: Bodas Cumpli2 | Flores & Rentals: Pedro Navarro | Lugar: Hotel Las Arenas (Valencia)


Lugar: Hacienda Guadalupe (Sevilla)

Extra Care

I like to take a little bit of time to work on photos that I present in a slideshow, blog post, social media or the wedding album. That’s when I use local adjustments to enhance the photo even more. This may inclube the brushes to dodge and burn certain parts of a photo or the “Spot Healing Tool”, to eliminate distracting elements. All of that is done in Lightroom!

If the photo requires a more elaborate retouching work (see the next two examples below), such a difficult background to fix, I outsource the task to a professional retoucher. I love using Photoshop and that’s how I really started in photography!, but it’s a very time consuming work and not worthy for me at this point.

Editing_Process_Victor_Alaez_0040 Editing_Process_Victor_Alaez_0040Editing_Process_Victor_Alaez_0040Editing_Process_Victor_Alaez_0040


Sometimes, a landscape (or interior) is so spectacular and epic that needs to be photographed in two or more images. In this case, I use my software (Lightroom) to merge them perfectly into one amazing photo!

Editing_Process_Victor_Alaez_0040 Editing_Process_Victor_Alaez_0040

Matching my second shooter images

My editing process is all about delvering a consistent look. That means to color correct all my pictures, and also the images of my second shooter in order to match exactly one another. This task requires extra attention, mainly if we use different camera brands with slightly different color rendering. Nothing makes me happier than delivering a cohesive and beautiful wedding gallery.


Black and White Conversions

I choose to turn an image into a black-and-white mode when the moment is so emotional and deep that all color around may be distracting. Also, when the image has a “fine art” or nostalgic feeling, or when the lighting of the scene is tricky or there’s a mix of different light sources with varying temperatures of color going on.

Antes y Despues de Edicion Fotografica de Bodas
I’m frequently asked by couples or potential clients about the editing process that I apply on my photos. That’s why I decided to explain my post-production workflow.
Wedding Photographer in Seville Victor Alaez

Hi, my name is Victor Alaez. I’m a fine art wedding photographer based in the south of Spain and Frankfurt (Germany). Besides photographing the most beautiful events, I love writing inspirational wedding-related content for joyful couples planning their big day.

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