Destination Wedding in Cordoba

Maria & Richard
Cordoba, Spain

Destination Wedding in Hacienda La Torre, Cordoba

After all the destination weddings I’ve been to, one of the things that I find most fascinating is when a couple declares their love under the crown of a big tree.

This wedding in Hacienda la Torre was the perfect example of this. Don’t ask me why, but the power of nature that for centuries witnessed how a young love between two souls starts a new life means a powerful connection. That melts my heart.

This was the ceremony of Maria and Richard for their wedding in Hacienda La Torre, one of the most beautiful ceremony that I have seen in the past few years.

A common friend from the US, put me in contact with this couple. “My friend Maria is getting married in Spain. She is looking for her wedding photographer. She is going to write to you.” That was the first of a series of exchanged messages that were making me more excited as the day was approaching.

Their family and friends flew from the US, Indonesia and other corners of the world to accompany the couple and their adorable son Skye for their destination wedding. They will never forget the summer of 2017. Barcelona, Rome, Positano (oh, God), were just some of the cities they went through. The journey culminated with their wedding in ancient Cordoba, in Hacienda La Torre.

The wedding production team from Le Jour Du Oui was in charge with organizing and coordinating all steps up to perfection.

It has been a pleasure to be part of this day and capture so many beautiful and unique moments.

Congratulations, dear Maria and Richard!

Wedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_Cordoba Wedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_CordobaWedding_in_Hacienda_la_Torre_Cordoba

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Destination Wedding in Hacienda La Torre, Cordoba

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Hacienda la Torre
The power of nature that for centuries witnessed how two souls stars a new life means a powerful connection.
Maria & Richard
Cordoba, Spain

Photography: Víctor, Marta and Antonio Ojeda for
Venue: Hacienda La Torre
Planning: Le Jour Du Oui
Bride Dress: David’s Bridal
Bride Shoes: Vince Camuto
Mother of the Bride Dress and Shoes: BHLDN
Florals: Voule Eventos
Groom Suit: Zara
Groom Shoes: Aldo Shoes
Groom Tie: The Tie Bar
Groom Tattoo: South Ink Tattoo Studio
Catering: Quiero Quiero
Illumination and Sound: Coco Music DJs
Flamenco Show: Cordoba Flamenca
Invitations: Minted
Table Stationary: Felizia Bodas
Calligraphy Cards: Bert Illustration
Wooden Sign: Etsy

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