Photo Tour in Cadiz

Cadiz Photo-Tour & 6 Tips for Quality Sightseeing during a Very Hot Summer

In this Cadiz photo tour I was seeking for beauty and light. I had already visited the city before, but not with my camera. Did I find the uniqueness of the place? SPOILER ALERT: Yes! (claro que yes!).

Cadiz Photo Tour. Unique Beauty

Cadiz, known as “la tacita de plata”, is the oldest Phoenician settlement in Western Europe. Much of my family comes from this beautiful land. Although I am not the type of person to feel attached to places for the sake of being attached, I know how to recognize beauty. Cadiz definitely is.

This place is BEAUTIFUL, full of charm and light. Being part of the so-called “Costa de la Luz” is not a random event. Since the first rays of sunlight flood its streets, the brightness of its white facades make the city an idyllic setting for taking photos, and I understand a little bit about photos!

Cadiz Photo-Tour & 6 Tips for Quality Sightseeing during a Very Hot Summer

The city is known as the cradle of flamenco, “cante”, grace and “compás” (flamenco rhythm). Cadiz people ooze art through every pore of their skin, and I do bear witness to that for my family there.

This Cadiz Photo Tour was totally worth it.


Five tips for sightseeing during a very hot summer.

  1. Start the trip early in the day. When I say early, I mean VERY EARLY, calculating the travel distance and leaving before sunrise if possible. This way you will ensure the best conditions when you arrive at the destination city: pleasant temperatures, magical light and few visitors and crowds.
  2. Choose seashore areas, where the temperatures will be less punishing and, in addition, you can always enjoy a bath on the beach! (which leads me to the next tip).
  3. Bring bathing clothes and a small towel in your backpack (if you travel light). Although a bath is not part of your initial plan, you never know! Hammocks and umbrellas for rent are always available in the main beaches.
  4. Wear comfortable clothes that breathe and have light colors. Protect your head with a cap or hat, sunglasses and, very important: sunscreen protection!
  5. Hydrate often with water, soft drinks, fruit …
  6. Bring a power bank for your smartphone. Today, we depend on the mobile phone for everything (routes, google, photos, videos, selfies, navigation, information about places, bus tickets, etc). And we can’t afford to run out of battery in the middle of our excursion!
  7. BONUS TIP: Forget about the heat and enjoy as kids!