Berlin Photo-Walk

Berlin Photography Walk | Wedding Photographer in Germany

Berlin Photography Tour by Victor Alaez

In this Berlin Photography post, I bring you the photos of my visit to the capital of Germany.

Traveling to a European capital during summertime has a special charm. It is the moment in which students from all over the world have their days off and take the opportunity to go sightseeing and disconnect with academic life. These destinations then acquire a characteristic atmosphere. I was aware of that during our visit to Berlin, a very “underground” city. The hotel where we stayed, very student-friendly, and the tours encouraged us to socialize with other visitors.

Berlin is known throughout the world especially for its history. It is a city that has seen everything: Prussian imperialism, the golden twenties, how the floats of the Nazis paraded, two world wars and a communist regime that separated its citizens with a Wall.

Today there are still many monuments and museums that remember that sad episode in its history. This has been documented in the Berlin Photography archives.

It is essential to visit the Berlin Wall, the old Jewish Quarter or the Monument to the murdered Jews of Europe.

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