Jessica & Sergio

Wedding in Ardea Purpurea Lodge

Seville, Spain

Ardea Purpurea Lodge wedding Hotel, located in the natural park of Doñana, is one of the most unique hotels in the province of Seville.

The Ojibwa believed that a dream catcher could filter the dreams of the people. The “good dreams” passed through the center towards the person who sleeps. The “bad dreams” were captured by the mesh and vanished with the first ray of morning light.

The wedding of Jessica and Sergio could be defined as a real dream, a VERY good dream, materialized in the soul of nature. As they had always imagined, they personally took care of every detail.

Everything there had a meaning. The decoration, the environment and the colours were on point, and they even displayed hand-made details all over the ceremony area. One of the best combined weddings I’ve seen so far. It was precious because you had everything so well tied and thought, with such much love. With such attribute the success is guaranteed.

To the surprise of the guests, Jessica arrived to her Ardea Purpurea Lodge wedding on a spectacular red Westaflia. Sergio and all the guests, who did not want to miss the special moment, waited for the big entrance.

Laughter, live songs, emotions, music, tunos and much LOVE is what we have experienced throughout the day.

Thanks to the couple for letting me document such an important day, arranged with so much care from London and Seville, with so much dedication.

Congratulations, dear couple! Your Ardea Purpurea Lodge wedding was amazing!

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Wedding in Ardea Purpurea Lodge

Bridal Bouquet Ardea Purpurea Lodge Wedding
Every great adventure stars with a "YES!".

Wedding Dress and Accessories: Pronovias
Bride Jewelry: Orobriz
Groom Suit: Puroego
Venue: Hotel Ardea Purpurea
Catering: Aljaima
Decor: Alvisarte
Florals: María Luisa
Animation: Grupo Malkerer
Photography: Víctor and Carmen for