In this Cadiz photo tour I was seeking for beauty and light. I had already visited the city before, but not with my camera. Did I find the uniqueness of the place? SPOILER ALERT: Yes! (claro que yes!).
In this post I want to focus on different ways and ideas that are helping me to stay busy in my creative business as a wedding photographer in these times of (semi) isolation.
Many times, we put so much effort into traveling to distant and exotic places that we do not pay attention to what is near us. And when we open our eyes, we realize the beauty that surrounds us!
In this new apartment near Frankfurt I wanted to design a personal space with everything I need to just CREATE. It is what I call “My Creative Corner”.
Dubrovnik, known as the pearl of the Adriatic, is one of those dream destinations that I was lucky to visit during summertime.
In this Berlin Photography post, I bring you the photos of my visit to the capital of Germany, known throughout the world especially for its history.
In this post about photography in Frankfurt, I bring you some of my favourite photos of the place, a city where you feel welcome as soon as you arrive, despite being the fifth largest in Germany.