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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. As a bride, you want everything to be perfect, from your dress to your accessories. But, one of the most important elements of your bridal look is the bouquet you hold in your hand as you walk down the aisle. Your bouquet will be the first thing your guests see as you make your way towards your partner, so it’s important to get it right.

As an experienced wedding photographer, I have had the privilege of capturing some of the most beautiful bridal bouquets I have ever seen. These bouquets have been carefully crafted by talented florists who understand how to create stunning arrangements that complement the bride’s overall look.

In this post, I want to share some of my favorite bridal bouquets that I have photographed. Whether you’re looking for something classic and timeless or something a little more modern and edgy, these bouquets are sure to inspire you.

I’m very excited about this post because I have teamed up with the very talented florist Emma Jane Floral Design, who has written the next segment:

“Creating the most Beautiful Bridal Bouquets” by Emma Jane

My name is Emma. I run Emma Jane Floral Design, based in the UK. I specialise in designing and creating bespoke floral arrangements for weddings and events.

My favourite design to create for a wedding is always the bridal bouquet! It will be up front and centre during the ceremony and will feature in all of your photographs, so it is definitely worth taking a little time to consider.

Whether you know exactly what you want or need a little guidance, I’m here to help! Here are a few things to consider when choosing your bridal bouquet.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Bridal Bouquet

Beautiful Wedding Bouquet by Emma Jane. Vivid Colors
Emma Jane Floral Design | Photography: Jessica Karen Photography

I – Colour Palette

Trying to colour match your flowers to your chosen bridesmaid dresses is often a complete nightmare! Flowers are natural materials and often the hue of a bloom can differ slightly, even within the same bunch!

I always suggest using different shades and tones that compliment the overall palette, rather than colour matching exactly. This gives greater depth to floral arrangements, making them look fuller, more considered and more luxurious. Using just one hue can give flowers a “flat” feel, so embrace different shades and tones!

Bridesmaids in Pink. Beautiful Wedding in Cordoba
Voule Eventos | Planning: Le Jour Du Oui | Venue: Hacienda La Torre
Bridal Party in Black and Pink. Beautiful Wedding in Seville
Floristeria Ti Amo

II – Seasonality

You may have always dreamed of walking down the aisle with the prefect peony bouquet in your hand – but unfortunately some blooms, such as peonies, have a very short season. If you happen to be getting married during the few weeks that peonies are at their best, then fab! But otherwise we need a contingency plan!

Speak with your florist about what is available at the time of your wedding. As a general rule, choosing seasonal blooms is a fantastic way creating an aesthetic that really works well at the time of year of your wedding.

ps. If you still want those peonies, we florists have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves! Garden roses are a great alternative and honestly, very few people would noticed the difference!

Beautiful Bridal Bouquets of Pink Peonies in Seville
El Rincón de Margarita| Venue: Hacienda La Cabaña

III – Atmosphere

What feel do you want for your wedding? If you’ve opted for a glamorous and formal evening ceremony and black tie reception, a wild boho style bouquet might not work for you.

Likewise, a compact classic posy of roses and lily of the valley (think Meghan Markle style) might not compliment a rustic tipi wedding.

Considering the atmosphere you want and using it to influence your choice of suppliers will help create a cohesive feel throughout your wedding day.

Boho Cascade Bridal Bouquet
PHOTO1.- Amazonia Flores || PHOTO2.- Pedro Navarro

IV – Dress

Your bouquet should work WITH your wedding dress, rather than overshadow it. For this reason, I often ask Brides (when their fiancé is out of earshot, of course!) about the style of their wedding gown.

Consider any detailing your dress might have: if you’ve fallen in love with a beautifully elaborate beaded bodice, do you want to cover it up with a large bouquet? Similarly, if your dress is simple in design, you can afford to add some drama with a statement bouquet.

Beautiful and Classic Bridal Bouquets. Wedding in Seville
Victor Marquez Floristeria
Beautiful Wedding Dress in a Fabulous Outdoor Wedding Reception in Valencia
PHOTO1.- Pedro Navarro | Planning: Cumpli2 Eventos || PHOTO2.- Floristeria Blumen

V – Make it personal

General rules can be helpful, but sometimes it is okay to go a little “off piste”. It’s your dream day, and if you’ve fallen in love with a style of bouquetgo for it! The main thing is that you’re happy!

Beautiful Boho Bridal Bouquet. Bride and Groom Outdoor Light and Airy Wedding Portraits
Tiara: Lara Carraux | Hair & MakeUp: Vintage Hair Factory
Pink Bridal Bouquet in Seville
Floristeria Jacaranda | Bride Dress: Pronovias

I hope these tips help you to choose a bespoke bouquet that truly encapsulates your personality and brings your dream wedding to life! If you need any further inspiration, take a look at my website and Instagram pages!

Or get in touch, I’m always happy to help!


Thanks Emma, for this amazingly helpful tips. I’m sure future brides will appreciate it very much.

The Origin of Bridal Bouquets

I have researched about the roots of brides carrying bouquets. Apparently, this tradition dates back to ancient Rome, where flowers were considered as symbols of new beginnings, fidelity and fertility.

The modern version of the bridal bouquet was popularised by Queen Victoria who, when marrying Prince Albert in 1840 (Victorian era), carried a tussie-mussie, a tiny round clutch of flowers in a filigree holder filled with moss and orange blossom.

More Bridal Bouquets for Your Inspiration

Beautiful Bridal Bouquets by Azucena Garcia in Seville
Azucena Garcia Decoracion | Bride Dress: Pronovias | Hair: Peluqueria Decadas

Classic and elegant. A simple and stylish bouquet of delicately scented freesias.

PHOTO1.- Manuela de Los Santos || PHOTO2.- Floristeria Maria Luisa | Bride Dress: Pronovias

1.- A neat and colourful posy of silk roses.
2.- Gorgeous earth tones! Peach and apricot garden roses with pops of colour from chrysanthemums.

All About the Bridal Bouquets

1.- Embracing the dried flowers trend. A relaxed bouquet mixing dried grasses and gypsophila with peach and lavender, tied with a lace ribbon.
2.- Classic elegance. A neat posy of timeless roses in shades.
3.- Pretty pastels with a pop of colour! Astilbe provides a pop of raspberry amidst this pastel bouquet of roses, bouvardia and limonium. By Floristeria Musgo.

PHOTO1.- Floristeria Musgo || PHOTO2.- Amazonia Flores | Hairpiece: Curra Cansino

1.- A pretty, loose and natural arrangement in a garden style. A number of different blooms add texture and interest; roses, carnations, limonium, lisianthus.
2.- A boho style, cascading bouquet of eucalyptus, roses and exotic statement protea. By Amazonia Flores.


A simple and pretty gypsophila bridal bouquets.


1.- Garden roses and chrysanthemums. By Floristeria Jacaranda.
2.- A bouquet of roses and calla lilies with a glossy foliage collar is a timeless classic. Perfect for a formal wedding.
3.- Astilbe provides a pop of raspberry amidst this pastel bouquet of roses, bouvardia and limonium.

Floristeria Jacaranda | Bride Dress: Pronovias

Pretty in pink! A twist on the classic rose bouquet, including more textural blooms. Garden roses and astilbe with hints of gypsophila. By Floristeria Jacaranda.

Gypsophila is mixed with delicate spray roses in the pretty and petite garden posy. By Floristeria Los Angeles.

Planning: Sevilla de Fiesta

Raspberry ripple! Lilies are a little unusual in a wedding bouquet but give a beautiful pop of colour and their stunning scent will follow you down the aisle!

In conclusion, the bridal bouquet is a key element that can truly enhance the overall beauty and elegance of a bride on her wedding day. It’s a symbol of love, beauty, and new beginnings, and should be chosen with careful consideration. I hope this article about bridal bouquets has inspired you and provided you with some useful ideas and tips for choosing the perfect bridal bouquet for your big day. Remember, it’s all about finding the one that makes you feel confident, beautiful, and truly yourself. Happy wedding planning!

For more Tips and Inspiration for weddings, visit my other articles.

Emma Jane Florals
The top of the cake for a bridal look definitely is the flower bouquet. It will be the touch of color that every guest will see first as the bride proudly walks down the aisle.
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