Jessica & Jose

After Wedding Session in the Beach

Cadiz, Spain

Cadiz got amazing white sand beaches, hasn’t it? Before last precious summer ended, I was able to share with Jessica and Jose Manuel a nice after wedding walk, at the beach of Rota, These young newlyweds have build beautiful memories there.

In these cold months, the nostalgia of summer becomes even more present. I think that each season has its charm, and while now I enjoy being able to work from home, wearing a warm pijama, I already wait again for long days, in open air, along the seacoast and with long walks chasing the best pictures.

Jessica’s ease at the time of posing surprised me pleasantly. When we started to shoot the first photos of this after wedding session, after having “broken the ice” photographically speaking, I stated the following: “Oh, girl, you own it! Let’s call Pronovias! New cover girl is coming soon”, yaaay!

Guys, I hope you enjoy the photos of this after wedding session in Cadiz as much as I do. They have the power of bringing back the summer heat.