Bride and Groom Romantic Portraits in Seville
Bride and Groom Romantic Portraits in Seville
Amanda & Miguel Ángel

After Wedding Session. Family Included

Seville, Spain
After a long and very intense wedding day, what newly married couple would not want a new photoshoot without rush or overwhelming stress? After-Wedding Time!

After a long and intense wedding day they had back on February, what newly married couple would not want a new photo shooting without rush and overwhelming stress?

Well, an after-wedding session is basically that. That’s an opportunity to spend time in a relaxed mood and take photos that were not possible to capture on the day of the wedding because of time, space, and other limitations.

In the case of Amanda and Miguel Angel, not only they wanted to participate in that session, but also their whole families wanted so as well! When the bride told me about the idea, the first thing I thought was “What? Again with everyone dressed up as at the wedding day? Make-up and hairdressing is also going to be included?”. Now, I acknowledge that everything was worth it.

We made the group photos first and then I was left alone with the couple to take care of their photos in two. Here I leave you a sample of them.

Thanks again, dear couple!

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