Jessica & Sergio

Love, Nature & Friends

Seville, Spain

The after wedding session of Jessica and Sergio was more than just idyllic. If I could describe the photo session of my dreams, I would point to the one that I share with you below. She was specially stunning in her Pronovias Dress.

I’ve always imagined a photo-shooting comprising of a super sweet and totally in love couple, with a pure natural environment in the right time of day and with a perfect light. The circumstances reached perfection when the family and friends supported with their presence and participation in the photos.

An open air “dressing-room” emerged under our eyes since, for this special occasion, Jessica and her friends planned to change the several clothing and ensure everything needed to style an exclusive session. Tables, snacks, music, balloons and a joyful mood made from this experience an extraordinary photo revelation!

Thank you guys, Sergio and Jessica, for allowing me to newly document the most authentic moments in your love story. We all had a great time!

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