Covid-19. A Different Summer

A Different Summer | How Covid-19 has Changed Our Lives

Victor Alaez Wedding Photographer in Giessen

This past summer of 2020, and basically the entire year, is taking a toll on many of us. The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down.

What we thought, and wished, would happen in a short time, seems to have come to stay.

The Wedding World in times of Covid-19

As in many other industries, the world of weddings and events is taking a hit. A couple of months ago, we believed that the arrival of autumn would mean the return to normal. Losing the first months of the season between postponements and cancellations of events, was already too much tragedy to extend it further in our thoughts.

And September arrived! The situation with Covid-19 remains the same; depending on the country, even getting worse. The summer has been one of the most atypical we have experienced, and although I am grateful for being healthy and safe, the emotional ups and downs have been constant.

Back to Germany

At the beginning of July I returned to my home in Giessen (Germany), (finally!) After having spent the March-June confinement in Seville (Spain). The situation here seems more relaxed. The use of masks is only mandatory in closed public spaces and transport.

Frankfurt Airport Arrival

A different Summer

For the first time in years, we have not gone on vacation, although we have not stayed home either!

Many times, we put so much effort into traveling to distant and exotic places that we do not pay attention to what is near us. And when we open our eyes, we realize the beauty that surrounds us!

Paddleboarding in Wetzlar

The Everyday Beauty

On every sunset walk we have taken during the summer, I have carried my camera as an exercise to observe and perceive. Discovering the beauty of everyday life is giving me a lot of satisfaction!

I always try to keep in mind that of “getting the good side of things”, and this time, my boyfriend and I have taken advantage of the good train connection from our city to visit a new place every weekend.

Hesse Photographer
Giessen Photographer
Giessen Wall Photography

Our little trips

We have been able to visit locations in the community of Hesse that otherwise we would not have been able to stop. We even paddleboarding for the first time!

Kassel Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe
Kassel Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe Green House
Kassel Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe
Frieberg Photographer
Frieberg Photographer
A Different Summer | How Covid-19 has Changed Our Lives
Munich Wedding Photographer
A Different Summer | How Covid-19 has Changed Our Lives
Wiesbaden Photography Walk
Hanau Photographer